Friday, March 19, 2010

Best Hand Soap!


(pics; via blackberry)

I really, really, really love this Japanese Cherry Blossom Gentle Foaming Hand Soap. This product is a must have in your bathroom. Another great thing is that it's anti-bacterial. I love that when you're done washing off the dirt & germs, it leaves your hands soft & smelling very good. Plus, any of you that knows how J. Cherry Blossom smells, knows that it has a pleasant scent. You can actually find it at your local Bath & Body Works for around $5. And I promise you that it is really worth it.
FYI; Even if you don't like cherry blossom, it comes in like 40 different scents.

I actually learned about it from my mom. She always had it in her bathroom. And I would just love using it. So when I moved into my new apartment & told myself I MUST get this. The bottle up above was actually bought early Febuary. So between everyone using I still haven't had the need to go and buy another one just yet & its almost the end of March. So I totally recommend this product 100%!

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