Friday, March 19, 2010

Best Hand Soap!


(pics; via blackberry)

I really, really, really love this Japanese Cherry Blossom Gentle Foaming Hand Soap. This product is a must have in your bathroom. Another great thing is that it's anti-bacterial. I love that when you're done washing off the dirt & germs, it leaves your hands soft & smelling very good. Plus, any of you that knows how J. Cherry Blossom smells, knows that it has a pleasant scent. You can actually find it at your local Bath & Body Works for around $5. And I promise you that it is really worth it.
FYI; Even if you don't like cherry blossom, it comes in like 40 different scents.

I actually learned about it from my mom. She always had it in her bathroom. And I would just love using it. So when I moved into my new apartment & told myself I MUST get this. The bottle up above was actually bought early Febuary. So between everyone using I still haven't had the need to go and buy another one just yet & its almost the end of March. So I totally recommend this product 100%!

Monday, March 15, 2010

missing my digital.

_via blackberry.


OMG, I'm so pissed. Last weekend one of my friends had a bbq and in the mist of me going to get my purse, while I was leaving, I accidently sat my camera down on her dresser and forgot to pick it back up. And note; this event was a week ago. So my friend (the event host) said she would bring it to me on friday. Which was the last time I've spoken to her. & here it is monday, a week later and yet I still dnt have my freakin` camera dude. So there for I'm starting to get upset. All I want is my damn camera. >=(


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Year 2010!

Recently, Ive been checking out a few blogs & it made me really miss updating mine. Even though its been months, 3 to be exact. Im going to start off fresh. Its a new year & there are some things that will be changing & making a huge difference in my life. Plus, i have a digital now. So there would be a lot of moments captured to share with you all. Even though there might not be daily posts, im going to make it my duty to have it pretty close. So buckle up for the ride loves.