Monday, June 29, 2009

PRIMM weekend.

(jun27.yelle & i before the 3D ride.)

OMG, i think i had the time of my life at primm this weekend. we left friday afternoon like around 330ish. so we checked into our rooms. then got a little settled in. all we did that day was play the slots, ate & drank hella. i had 1 margarita, 2 & a half of my babes adios' & one tall margarita slushy. i was tryna get TILTED. lol. but we departed ways w/ yelle & brandyn and went back to the room for some "US". which lasted pretty long. aha.
NEXT & my babe got up & ready. saw the real bonnie & clyde car, which was super shot up. we ate & did a little shopping. then decided to get on the rides. that roller coaster was super scary. yelle lost her earring & i was shaking super hard, never again. played at the arcade like big ass kids; got on the water ride, rode the virtual roller coaster, BORING; ate again & played & drank at the slots. THEN IT WENT babe tells me his dad needs him, so he has to leave for a couple of hours. i was so hurt & mad that i started crying like right in the middle of the casino, lol. its funny now, but i was so hurt. im like, its only our second day on the couple's getaway & he left. i hated him after that. & so i decided to go shopping to clear my mind, WHICH WORKED. you can never go wrong w/ shopping. =) he came back & super apologized & stuff. & took me to breakfast the next morning.
OVERALL my time was great MINUS when he left me. but i cant wait til next month when we go to the beach in cali. =)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


if this isnt LOVE!
QUESTION: have you ever found that special someone & you thought to yourself like, this cant be real or its to good to be true. well i did =). and he became mine on Easter morning, APRIL 12, 2009. as of now, its only been 2 months. but its feels like forever (in a good way, lol). well KENNETH is his name. this man is the love of my life. he is like everything i ever wished for && everything i dreamed of. every moment with him is wonderful. he says im princess & he spoils the heck out of me, so yu knw his title is daddy LOL. we may have our ups & downs like every other relationship. but the good out weighs the bad. our understanding with each other is like unbelievable. he knows me so good, its ridiculous. im so glad we're together & cant wait to see what the future holds for us. and oh yes, im praying for the best. MR. & MRS. PRESCOTT, maybe? & yes i wanna take it there. =)